Guns of the Year

The 2021 Gun of The Year “The Spartan Gun”


Each year Krieghoff commissions an engraver to create a special gun called "The Gun of the Year", this tradition started in the late 90's and continues today. The gun is usually revealed each spring at the IWA OutdoorClassics trade fair in Nuremberg Germany with great anticipation for the new design each year. Here are past examples of some of the industry's best engravers and their best work on Krieghoff classics.


The right side of the gun presents a lively scene of three pointers, animated in their quest, flushing up three golden pheasants. This intricate depiction is complemented by a detailed close-up of a hen perched gracefully on a branch, and the kind, expressive face of a setter, embodying the soulful connection between these loyal companions and the wild.

On the left side, the artwork transitions to a serene yet dynamic portrayal of a marshland scene. A retriever, in its element, is shown returning triumphantly with a duck, capturing the essence of its breed’s purpose. Nearby, a Canadian goose glides peacefully in the water, contrasting with the thrilling scene of receivers fervently chasing golden waterfowl, encapsulating the intensity and beauty of the hunt.

The base of the receiver is a tableau of nature’s ballet - featuring a setter in the field, its gaze fixed on a golden pheasant, and a breathtaking scene of waterfowl as they take to the sky, symbolizing the freedom and wildness of nature.

Completing this masterpiece is the top latch, engraved with the noble face of a setter. This image serves as a crowning tribute to these faithful companions, capturing their dignity and unwavering spirit.

Each element of "The Perfect Memory" is a testament to Chantal's mastery, blending realism with artistic flair. The gun is not just a tool for the sport but a tribute to the enduring legacy of hunting and the deep respect for the creatures and companions that make it a noble pursuit.


The Krieghoff Gun of the Year 2023 “Buffalo Jump” honors a Native American hunting tradition. Named after the cliffs that played a vital part in their hunting success, the K-80/S engraved by Creative Art features historic hunting scenes engraved in remarkable detail.

Creative Art places you in the hunt so realistically you can feel the thundering of hooves and the adrenaline of the hunt. The receiver sides portray the Native American braves driving the bison towards the “Buffalo Jump”. Every hunter displays expert horsemanship as they charge their mounts toward their prey. Some ride reinless, shooting arrows and waving their bows to direct the herd to the cliffs. Caught up in the frenzy, one horse rears wildly, but his skilled rider maintains his focus and seat. A wizened Chief and young brave supervise the hunt taking place across the expanded sideplates on each receiver side.

Native American symbols and traditional weaponry adorn the receiver top. The finale of a successful hunt covers the receiver bottom. Bison charge off the edge of the cliff and fall to the ground below. In the tradition of their ways, Native Americans will gather the bison and use every part to feed, clothe and shelter their families.

The Krieghoff K-80/S “Buffalo Jump” captures the dramatic scenes of a vital part of Native American history set in the prairies of the Wild West.


An engraving honoring one of the most revered rulers in Thai history. The Gun of the Year 2022 takes the observer into the rich history of Thailand (formerly Kingdom of Ayutthaya). Creative Art's engravers meticulously capture famous events during the reign of 16th-century King Naresuan, nicknamed "the Great" for his success and popularity.

Naresuan's legendary duel with the Burmese crown prince Mingyi Swa is depicted in wonderful detail on the left side of the receiver. Here, as on all the other sides, Naresuan the Great is highlighted with fine gold detailing.

The Battle of the Satong River is presented on the opposite side of the receiver. It is shown how King Naresuan was able to rout the enemy troops with his legendary shot and gained independence of Ayutthaya as a result.

The underside of the action shows the king in magnificent robes pouring out holy water. With this gesture he symbolically declared the independence of Ayutthaya from Burma.

The elephants, the soldiers and of course the king are all engraved in lifelike relief. The work of art is framed by Thai ornamentation.


The Battle of Thermopylae....... David versus Goliath, Sparta versus Persia. Real heroes from ancient times. Krieghoff’s Gun of the Year 2021 is dedicated to these heroes. Herodotus reported 300 Spartans fought to protect their King Leonidas knowing they were outnumbered by the far superior army of the Persian Empire – and thus chose certain death. Through their heroic sacrifice, the Spartans united Greece in their decision to resist the Persians.

Despite the epic 480 BC defeat at the Thermopylae Pass, victorious battles at Salamis and Plataea turned the tide and the Greeks were victorious in the end

A look back shows what an epoch-making event the Persian Wars were. Their historical importance to the world cannot be emphasized enough. The success that the ancient Greeks were able to achieve in defending their homeland was not only celebrated with euphoria in ancient Hellas but also still exemplified as the triumph of freedom over tyranny to this day. „ ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ' “ a phrase born from tragedy now eternally serves as an inspiration to military units. „Come and Take It“ cry the brave as they defend that which is important to them. This historic phrase, engraved on the Gun of the Year top latch resonates just as loudly today.

Together with the engravers from Creative Art, Krieghoff immortalizes the Spartans' sacrifice for the freedom and the future of Europe in this year's Gun of the Year „The Spartan Gun“. Krieghoff International congratulates Alamo Sporting Arms on their vision in creating this spectacular project. Feel the spirit of the Spartans as you view „The Spartan Gun“


The Krieghoff Gun Of The Year for 2020 portrays the raw beauty of the Galapagos Islands and the vast wildlife that roam the untouched islands of Ecuador. Engraver Chantal Schaschl captures the stunning detail of the sea life and prehistoric reptiles that have lived on the islands for thousands of years. Also depicted on this one of a kind piece are some excellent portraits of the unique birds that live in the Galapagos. All of this is deeply engraved on the side of Krieghoff’s new K80/S; a perfect canvas for a work of art like the Galapagos gun with the large side plate.

The left side showcases the island’s unique reptiles like marine Iguanas and the nearly extinct Giant Galapagos Tortoise which can live for well over 100 years. Also pictured is the majestic Galapagos Hawk with its talons and beak engraved in gold.

The receiver’s right side focuses on the island’s coastal creatures. Engravings include birds that are common on the island like the Galapagos Penguin, Blue Footed Booby and well recognized Great Frigatebird. Artistically shown is the vast difference in sizes of the lizards, from the large Marine Iguana to the tiny Lava Lizard where no detail is missed. Finally, Sea Lions are shown basking on the coast line in high-relief.

The base of the receiver shows the beauty of the Galapagos that can only be seen from under the clear water of the Pacific Ocean. Shown is a magnificent Spotted Eagle Rays with its distinct white spots along with schools of Angel Fish that like to call the islands vast variety of Coral home. A leatherback turtle can also be seen cruising along the coral. The trigger guard has a mirrored look and feel of an Iguana’s back that can be seen and felt in great detail.

The top latch is engraved in great detail with a Prickly Pear Cactus along with its beautiful flowers commonly found on many of the Galapagos Islands. Extending from the top latch to the top lever is an engraved Galapagos Racer, one of only three types of snakes found on the Islands. The complete gun is beautifully balanced and draws the viewer in with greater detail the closer you look. With multiple colors of gold contrasted with deeply engraved figures the overall look is stunning.

2019 "Abraham Lincoln" Gun of the Year

The 2019 Krieghoff Gun of the Year, "Abraham Lincoln gun" is a 32 inch K-80 Sporting model, honoring the life and legacy of our nation’s 16th president.

A self-taught lawyer, Lincoln rose to the highest office in the United States becoming the nation’s 16th President in 1860. Known as a great orator, Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address on grounds of one of the most important battles of the Civil War and ultimately the one that led to South’s decisive defeat. Addressing a nation divided in America’s most trying time, Lincoln’s passion for re-uniting the Union captivated his audience as shown on the receiver left side. Lincoln’s fire warmed up the chilly November day as his famous words “that this nation under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”, echoed out across the resting place for the fallen at the Soldiers’ National Cemetery.

The afternoon of Thursday, November 19th, 1863 proved to be a seminal point in American history. It was on that date that Lincoln gave his legendary Gettysburg Address, while dedicating the Soldier’s National Cemetery, at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This was a short four and a half months after the bloody three-day Battle of Gettysburg, where roughly 50,000 Americans were killed in action – the deadliest battle in American history. The country was deeply divided as the Civil War raged on, when Lincoln arrived by train from Washington D.C. the day prior to dedicate the cemetery. The next day in front of a rapt crowd, he read what has become one of the most famous speeches in American history. His words “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal…” will forever live in the annals of our great nation. An intricate and deeply engraved scene depicting Lincoln delivering that eloquent speech is on the left side of the Lincoln gun’s receiver.

Above the top latch is a bust of Lincoln, reminiscent of that which is found on the American five dollar bill. The bottom of the receiver shows a wonderfully detailed rendering of the Lincoln Memorial, making a striking visual statement when the gun is standing upright in a rack. The trigger guard is tastefully decorated with scrollwork and features the dates 1809-1865 – the years spanning Lincoln’s life. The right side of the receiver depicts the fateful scene, inspired by a famous painting, when John Wilkes Booth fatally shot Mr. Lincoln inside his private box at Ford Theatre, in Washington D.C. while watching a play on April 14th, 1865. Although the original painting shows the moment the deadly shot was fired, Krieghoff respectfully chose to instead depict the moment just before, when Booth was pointing the gun prior to pulling the trigger. The engraving surfaces are further filled out with scroll work, oak leaves and gold inlays, handsomely tying the scenes together into an wonderfully executed and functioning work of art. Relief, deep relief and bulino engraving techniques were all employed by Mr. Frühauf to tell this visually captivating and historically significant story.

The Lincoln gun features a standard height low profile rib, adjustable comb, Schnabel forend and removable titanium choke tubes. Well known German Master Engraver Hendrik Frühauf was commissioned for the project, eventually investing 350 hours of bench time on the gun.

The description provided was featured in an article by Dana Farrell in ClayShootingUSA Magazine.

2018 "da Vinci" Gun of the Year

The Krieghoff Gun of the Year 2018 allows a rare glimpse into the mind of a genius. Known as “Renaissance Man”, Leonardo da Vinci has long been hailed as one of the most talented individuals who ever lived. Through a collaboration of Creative Art talent, da Vinci’s masterpieces come to life on the Krieghoff K-80 selected as our gun of the year.

The receiver left presents a study of da Vinci’s mysterious side bordered by two more traditional images. “The Annunciation” on the left and “Study of Horses” on the right were common themes of artists during this time period. However, the true subjects of “Lady with Ermine” and “Portrait of a Man” have kept generations guessing for half a millennium. Self-portrait? Secret love? The answer still eludes us.

The receiver right shows da Vinci’s study of human anatomy with the famous “Vitruvian Man” showing the geometry of the human body and “Anatomical Studies of the Shoulder” flanking “Warrior Heads”. Each realistic detail gives the figures life.

But it is the receiver bottom where the treasure lies. The famous Mona Lisa. There she sits in all her splendor as if da Vinci himself helped guide the engraver’s hand. Two delicate beauties demur to the lady who has been the Muse for centuries.

The trigger guard continues the Master’s work and the top latch bears his name and dates of birth and death. Entwined throughout the delicate scroll work lie examples of da Vinci’s scientific mind and inventions.

Nearly 500 Years have passed since da Vinci’s death, yet his work is still visionary and timeless. What inspirations will come to the shooter who holds this K-80 in their hands?

“The da Vinci” Krieghoff K-80 Parcours – a true one of a kind masterpiece.

2017 "Buffalo Bill" Gun of The Year

The Krieghoff Gun of the Year 2017 celebrates the life of William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody on the 100th Anniversary of his passing. Master Engraver Hendrik Frühauf captures the true spirit of the Wild West Buffalo Bill shared with the world on a K-80 Sporter in 12 gauge illustrating the hunter, soldier and showman sides of this American Legend.

The receiver’s right side illustrates how Cody earned his famous moniker. His hunting prowess not only kept the men of the Kansas Pacific Railroad fed but won him the exclusive right to be called Buffalo Bill after he bested William Comstock in an eight hour hunting competition for the name.

The receiver left side shows Buffalo Bill riding into the middle of his Wild West Show proudly bearing the American flag, symbolizing his deep patriotism. Rough Riders breaking broncos and a Native American settlement transport the spectator to the Wild West. In contrast the Chicago World’s Fair Ferris Wheel looms in the background. Buffalo Bill’s answer to the outrageous tariff the World’s Fair organizer wanted to levy on the Wild West Show to participate, was to lease land outside of the fair gates and hold his show on his terms. Seven months of sold out performances netted Buffalo Bill enough profits to establish the town of Cody, Wyoming and help various causes near to his heart.

The Buffalo Nickel engraved on specially designed hinge pins represent the Native Americans who worked in the Wild West show and were used as models for the coin.

The receiver bottom shows the classic showman pose Buffalo Bill was famous for framed in gold script and ornate scroll. Engraved on the top latch is the Medal of Honor awarded to Buffalo Bill for his work as a civilian scout during the Civil War. The dates “1846 – 1917” adorn the trigger guard depicting a life that spanned 71 years, and created a legend that will live forever.

2016 "Australia" Gun of The Year

AUSTRALIA – The world’s largest island, a continent in its own right – is home to an abundant range of beautiful and unique animals with many of them featured on this masterpiece. The side plates host two of the country’s iconic landscapes, Ayers Rock (Uluru) and Sydney’s famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The national flower, the Golden Wattle is depicted throughout and dominates the pierced top lever.

The delicate details of the over 20 animals, highlighted by splashes of enamel and white, rose, yellow gold accents have been beautifully captured by the world renowned engraving studio, Creative Art. “Terra Australis” – the name given to this exquisite creation.

K-80 "Australia"

K-80 "Australia" Images

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2015 "Alamo" Gun of the Year

Krieghoff engravers conducted extensive research for this particular engraving that depicts the historic battle that occurred from February 23rd until March 6th in 1836 between Texas and Mexico. Giacomo Fausti captures the emotion and turmoil of the fight on the soldiers’ faces along with subtle gold accents on the men’s uniforms to bring life to each scene depicted on the Krieghoff K–80 receiver.

K-80 "The Alamo"

K-80 "The Alamo" Images

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2014 "Hubertus Hunt" Gun of the Year

The very special charm of stalking in the mountains is dedicated on this Krieghoff Hubertus Single Shot Rifle, engraved by master engraver Gregor Stögner. This gun is a masterpiece that leaves no wish unfulfilled: equipped with the ‘intelligent ejector system’ and a barrel length of 60 cm (24″), in caliber 8x57IRS, this exquisite Single Shot Rifle impresses one with exclusive contouring, handmade elegant forearm and butt stock made of the finest grade walnut completed with a hand-rubbed oil finish and a double rabbet Bavarian cheek piece.

2014 Hubertus "Mountain Hunt"

2014 Hubertus "Mountain Hunt" Images

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Additional Past Guns of the Year

2013 "Hubertus Africa"

2013 "Hubertus Africa" Images

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2012 "Freedom" by Soegner

2012 "Freedom" by Soegner Images

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2011 "Boars & Bears" Classic by Reich

2011 "Boars & Bears" Classic by Reich Images

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2010 "Horses" by Creative Arts

2010 "Horses" by Creative Arts Images

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2009 "Schilling"

2009 "Schilling" Images

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2007 "Gold Rush" by Stoegner

2007 "Gold Rush" by Stoegner Images

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2006 Hubertus by Reich

2006 Hubertus by Reich Images

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2005 "125 Years" Neptun

2005 "125 Years" Neptun Images

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2004 Optima by Spindler

2004 Optima by Spindler Images

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2003 Classic by Nonn

2003 Classic by Nonn Images

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2002 Stoegner

2002 Stoegner Images

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2001 Ultra by Goeser

2001 Ultra by Goeser Images

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2000 K-80 "Western" by Stoegner

2000 K-80 "Western" by Stoegner Images

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1999 Hubertus by Stogner

1999 Hubertus by Stogner Images

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